New Library and Academic Centre

Design work on the new Library and Academic Centre is complete and we demolished the Gatehouse and the Cottage in October 2014. Construction of the new building began in January 2015 with completion in March 2016.

Thanks to your support, we have now raised £8.6million. One of the key factors in releasing funding for the new Library has been the participation of so many of our alumnae and friends.

Support the new Library and Academic Centre

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A landmark for St Anne's and Oxford

The New Library and Academic Centre will transform both the intellectual life and the architecture of St Anne’s.

It will be built on the Woodstock Road, opposite Oxford’s new campus, the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. It will become a focal point for the college’s academic life, making us the exemplar of a modern Oxford college at the heart of the 21st Century University.

The plans for the Library and Academic Centre have been drawn up following consultation with St Anne’s students and Fellows. It will complement our original Grade II listed library in Hartland House. St Anne’s has the biggest working library of any Oxford college, but the current Library, built in 1937, is now too small for its remarkable collection and for the 744 undergraduate and graduate students who use it. It has spaces for only 73 readers. The new Library will increase this to at least 140.

Whatever form the book may take in future, there is an increasing demand for a centre where our students cluster together to gain confidence and concentration from those around them. Students now expect electronic resources wherever they go and to work together at times in a not necessarily silent environment. The Library will have state of the art IT provision, and include rooms for group working, as well as work spaces for focused study in an atmosphere of quiet concentration, away from the distractions of student halls of residence.

The Library and Academic Centre will house an Academic Centre, sponsoring interdisciplinary projects across the Sciences and the Humanities. It will also house our new Student Outreach Centre that will strengthen our distinctive ability in Oxford to attract talented students and researchers from the widest variety of backgrounds and from across the world, who will learn from each other and so integrate themselves into the global society in which they will forge their careers.

Built in traditional Oxford stone, it is designed to last for centuries. It is engineered with twenty first century technology to be an environmentally sustainable and adaptable working space for future generations of students. The New Library and Academic Centre is designed to set in stone St Anne’s commitment to intellectual emancipation and our engagement with the diversity of the modern world and the converging cultures of a globalising society.

It will place the college’s core purposes in teaching and research at its heart.

Download a PDF of the brochure outlining the impact the building will have on St Anne's.