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St Anne’s has an excellent range of College accommodation and is unique in offering on-site accommodation to undergraduate students for at least three years of their degrees. 

All of our study-bedrooms are single occupancy, and vary from characterful Victorian to bright and contemporary. Students live with others from their year group, with rooms allocated by a ballot each year. All accommodation includes kitchens, which are shared by approximately 9 students, and almost half of our rooms are en-suite. These rooms are usually allocated to our third-years. Students on four year courses (except Linguists) usually live out for one year in College-rented houses or subsidised private rentals. 

We also have rooms specially built for disabled access. If you are an offer-holder and have any accommodation requirements related to a disability, please contact our Disability Adviser.

Standard maintenance charges cover the eight weeks and two days of full term. Any residence outside these times is charged at a daily rate, unless residence is necessary for University exams. There are grants available to help with the cost of vacation residence; details are supplied on the vacation residence application forms and financial help application forms that are distributed each term by the accommodation office.

At mealtimes most students choose to use the Dining Hall, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays and brunch at weekends. At St Anne's we're proud of our chefs who have won awards in national competitions – not something most Colleges can claim!

Communal dining provides an excellent opportunity to meet students from different courses and year groups.  Most meals are self-service and informal, costing approximately £2.00 for breakfast or £3.00 for Lunch or Dinner. At the start of each term, your University card is topped up with £125, which can then be used to buy food in hall and at STACS (the St Anne's Coffee Shop). We also hold around 5 optional formal dinners in Hall per term, which cost £10.50 for a three course meal.