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At St Anne's, we offer a range of financial support to our students from bursaries and scholarships, to music awards and travel grants. Our Treasury is happy to help and advise students with any questions. 

Oxford Bursaries: All UK/EU undergraduate students from lower-income households are eligible to receive an annual non-repayable Oxford Bursary to help with living costs at Oxford. 

At St Anne's, the cost of our Oxford Bursaries is funded by The Danson Foundation. In 2012, Mike Danson (BA Jurisprudence, 1982) and his wife Helen donated £1.5 million to St Anne’s, which is used to support around 40 St Anne’s students each year. The Danson Foundation also runs an internship scheme and funded three teams in starting their own businesses, through the St Anne's Incubator scheme. 

St Anne's Internships and Opportunities: Including the Danson Internship Scheme and many others.

Undergraduate Travel Grants: St Anne's awards a number of travel and research grants each year to help our undergraduates broaden their horizons. Students usually apply for funding to help them conduct research for their dissertations, to learn language skills or to develop their cultural understanding of an area they are studying, but grants are also awarded for extra-curricular activities that will enhance personal development.

St Anne's Music Bursaries: Music bursaries of up to £350 per year are awarded each year to assist students with the cost of their music lessons. They are open to all undergraduates who have achieved at least Grade 8 (or equivalent), and are decided by a competition. Successful students are reimbursed at the end of the academic year, on receipt of proof of cost and attendance.

Hardship Grants: St Anne's has funds to assist students who experience hardship as a result of unforeseen changes to their circumstances. The Treasury is here to help. It is important that you keep us informed of any problems you are encountering or foresee, as it is very likely that we can help and advise you.  It is easier to help if you make your enquiry by email to finance@st-annes.ox.ac.uk or by contacting a member of the Treasury staff as soon as possible after discovering any problem.