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Coming from a school with a very limited history of Oxbridge applications, before applying to Oxford I had so many misconceptions about the University. I feared that all my time at such an institution would be spent in the library, or in posh formal dinners, or that I wouldn't 'fit in' (whatever that means) and get along with other students.

I could not have been more wrong, and I am so thankful that I managed to look past these myths and apply. Of course, much of my time in Oxford is spent reading, and writing essays. That is of course, what I am ultimately here for. It is therefore so important to choose a course that you really interested in. If you are interested in it, then so much of the work is actually very enjoyable, especially the tutorials themselves.The History and Politics course itself also has so much freedom within it. Although you have to do certain core papers in the first year, in second and third years you are virtually given free rein to choose what you want to study. I have certainly made the most of this, choosing several papers about 20th century history that I have found so enjoyable.

However, work is by no means all we do! I myself am very politically active, taking part in the Oxford University Labour Club where I attend regular speaker events and debates. There are also many opportunities to get involved in student journalism, which I have taken advantage of. College itself is also a social hub. I play for St Anne's football team the "Mint Green Army" (which has three teams, so even if you can barely kick a football, you are welcomed in!) and there are so many other sporting, or generally social activities that you can get involved in at St Anne's. Every year a new JCR committee is elected to represent the undergraduate body in the college, and I am this year's Access and Equality Rep. As part of this role I get to do a whole range of hugely enjoyable outreach work, working with secondary school students across the country to try to debunk all of the myths that put me off applying.