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Being one of the youngest Colleges of the University, St Anne's definitely lives up to expectations you might have about a modern institution but still manages to combine them with old Oxford traditions.

We are very proud of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in College which makes it easy for students from different backgrounds to integrate and feel welcomed from the very beginning. We set a high value on the International aspect of our College and have many events, like the 'International Brunch', for example, that celebrate the diversity and equality of all students. We really are like one big family where people from different years, backgrounds and subjects help each other and live alongside each other in lovely surroundings.

College facilities, like our popular Coffee Shop (STACS) do not only brighten our day with incredible snacks, but also provide us with many opportunities to mingle and get to know everyone in College. What is more, the teaching staff in College are not only highly competent but also very approachable and fun to work with.

Our tutorial system presents unique opportunities of exploring certain areas of your degree in detail and even discuss questions with people who are specialised in your subject. As not all teaching is done in College, you will be pleased to hear that many important faculties, like the 'Taylor Institution for Medieval and Modern Languages', are only a few minutes' walk away. It doesn't matter what country you are from or what subject you are interested in, if you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and strong feeling of community, St Anne's is definitely the place for you!