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My earliest memory of St Anne’s is a smile. I’m not sure who it was from, or even where I was in the geography of the college, but I do remember the event inexplicably clearly. I was coming to the end of my grand tour of the University, having hiked through a number of other colleges, and now I found myself at one I didn’t even know existed. But the smile inspired me to look around and it was the first smile in an ongoing series of smiles.

I chose St Anne’s because of the toothy grins, because of its warm atmosphere and in particular, because of its ethos of welcoming anyone - no matter what background they happen to come from. At St Anne’s, everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter if you come from a state college, like me, or from one of the big public schools. As long as you’re academically ambitious and a have a desire to nurture this ambition, Anne’s wants you. But Oxford isn’t just about the studying, it’s also about opportunities. During my time here, I have packed in cheerleading, student journalism, drama and creative writing, and it’s an experience that, truly, I don’t want to end.