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St Anne’s College is offering Year 12 students from UK state schools the opportunity to participate in a one-night Residential Study Visit during June 2018. 40 places are available across 3 subject streams. Accommodation, travel, meals and all activity costs will be covered by St Anne’s College.

These Residential Study Visits are designed to give students from backgrounds and schools with limited experience of Oxford a taste of what it’s like to live and study as an undergraduate at St Anne’s College and Oxford University. Participants will spend time with undergraduate students studying relevant courses, eat in the College dining hall and stay overnight in student accommodation. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about the application process for the relevant Oxford courses. For all subject streams, the academic programme will run from approximately 12:00pm on the first day to 12:30pm on the second day.

Priority will be given to students who we think will benefit most from the scheme. This will include:

  • Students whose home postcode falls into ACORN groups four or five.
  • Students whose home postcode indicates low rates of young participation in higher education (POLAR quintiles 1 and 2).
  • Students who attend UK state schools with limited history of progression to Oxford.
  • Students who attend UK state schools/colleges which perform below the national average at GCSE (or equivalent level) or A Level (or equivalent level).


Geography Residential Study Visit - 21st-22nd June

This short course is designed for Year 12 students who are thinking of applying to study Geography at university. The academic content will provide an introduction to the study of Geography at university level. Participants will attend a lecture delivered by Dr Tim Schwanen (Tutorial Fellow in Geography, St Anne’s College), prepare for and participate in a Geography tutorial and tour central Oxford to explore its social geography. Participants will also meet and spend time with current Geography undergraduate students.


Music Residential Study Visit - 21st-22nd June

This short course is designed for Year 12 students who are thinking of applying to study Music at university, with the academic content providing an introduction to the three complementary focusses of musical study at St Anne’s College – performance, composition and musicology. Participants will attend lectures delivered by Dr Jonathan Williams and Dr Alexandra Buckle. Students will prepare for and participate in two music tutorials delivered by Professor Martyn Harry (Tutorial Fellow in Music, St Anne’s College) and Dr Buckle, and will take part in sessions devoted to performance and composition. Attendees will also visit a series of unique music manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.


English and Modern Languages Residential Study Visit - 25th-26th June

When you study the subjects called ‘English’ and ‘Modern Languages’ you are in fact focusing on literature; and literature in different languages has much in common. More than that, the crossovers between literature in different languages are often particularly interesting and creative.

This short course will introduce participants to the study of literature at university level, with a particular focus on the interactions between literature in English and in other languages. It is designed for Year 12 students who are thinking of applying to study any of the following at university:

English (Language and Literature)

Modern Languages

English and Modern Languages

Participants will have the opportunity to experience tutorial-style teaching and attend lectures and seminars delivered by St Anne’s College academic staff, including Professor Matthew Reynolds (Tutorial Fellow in English Language and Literature, St Anne’s College) and Professor Patrick McGuinness (Tutorial Fellow in Modern Languages, St Anne’s College).


Interested Year 12 students can apply to attend one of the St Anne’s College Residential Study Visits by completing this online form:

The deadline for applications is Monday 7th May 2018


If you have any questions about the St Anne’s College Residential Study Visits, please contact our Outreach Officer, Dr Lucy Busfield (