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Our aim at St Anne’s is to prepare all our students for life through the range and intensity of educational opportunities we provide. Together with the University, we try to make admission to Oxford achievable for all those with the talent and determination to take full advantage of their time here.

Financial assistance is available in a number of forms, from bursaries to scholarships, music awards and travel grants.

All UK/EU undergraduate students whose household income is less than £42,621 will receive an Oxford bursary to help them with their living costs at Oxford.

All UK/EU undergraduate students who are liable for the full £9,000 tuition fee and whose household income is less than £25,000 will receive a reduction in their tuition fee.

College Grants/Bursaries

Travel Grants

Thanks to the generosity of generations of St Anne’s alumnae, the College is able to award a number of travel and research grants each year to help our undergraduates broaden their horizons.

Usually, these trips will be in direct connection with your degree subject, perhaps to enable you to conduct some research, and better to understand the language and culture of an area you are studying. Occasionally, grants may be awarded for extra-curricular activities where good reasons can be provided why a journey abroad will assist your personal development.

Music Bursaries

Music Bursaries are awarded annually to current students to assist with the cost of tuition. They are decided by a competition, and are open to all undergraduates who have achieved at least Grade 8 (or equivalent). This is a grant of up to £350 per year to assist with the cost of continuing music education.

Hardship Grants

St Anne's has funds to assist students who experience hardship as a result of unforeseen changes to their circumstances while at St Anne’s. If this applies to you, you should make your enquiry to the Treasury by email.