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Do you accept applications from rising Sophomores and rising Seniors?

Yes. The Pre-med Fall Semester has been designed to fit within the typical Pre-med course sequence for Juniors, but we also welcome applications from highly academic rising Sophomores (i.e. applicants currently in their Freshman year) and from rising Seniors (i.e. applicants currently in their Junior year) who want to broaden their undergraduate experiences.

Do you accept applications to the programme from students, who have not declared a pre-med concentration or who are not on a pre-med track?

Yes. We welcome applications from all students majoring in subjects across the chemical and life sciences.  Several of our 'pre-med' students have chosen not to apply for medical school (before arriving at St Anne's), but have decided instead to apply for PhD programmes, or to pursue non-scientific career opportunities.

Is it possible to study at St Anne’s as a Pre-med student for an Extended Academic Year (arriving in Oxford in September and staying until the end of Trinity Term in June)?

Yes. Students will take 13S1 and 25S1 during September and are then able to choose courses from our ‘Full Academic Year’ course selection to follow for the remainder of their time.  We expect this option to be particularly popular with students considering applying to MD-PhD programmes.

Are there any considerations for pre-med students applying for the Extended Academic Year option?

Yes. The Extended Academic Year is likely to award a larger number of transfer credits for your home university than most standard Year Abroad programmes, so we strongly recommend that you consult with your academic advisor and registrar’s office on your home campus to obtain approval for this option prior to application.

Can I take laboratory-based (practical) classes in Oxford as a Visiting Student?

Yes. Students studying for the Extended Academic Year (September – June) and Standard Academic Year (October – June) may take lab classes, providing that we have spaces available (please contact for more information).  We regret that we cannot offer lab classes to students studying for the Fall Semester (September – December) only.

How many courses should I list on the St Anne’s application form?

We ask applicants to the Fall Semester Pre-med Programme to list at least six courses: 13S1 Biological Chemistry, 25S1 Physiology and four courses (in order of preference) from the table on page 2 of this pdf document.  You may choose to study one or more humanities courses (as given on the St Anne’s website) instead of a Pre-med course, but please make this clear on your application form. We ask applicants for the Standard and Extended Academic year options to list at least ten courses (in order of preference).

Have previous St Anne’s Pre-med Visiting Students been successful in their applications for medical school scholarships?

Yes.  Previous students have secured prestigious scholarships to the Perelman Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania (fully funded MD-PhD), Cambridge University (Gates Scholarship) and Oxford University (Rhodes Scholarship). Three St Anne's Pre-med Alumni are currently (academic year 2017-18) studying at Harvard Medical School! The tutors at St Anne’s are always happy to write recommendations to support applications to Medical School by past Pre-med Visiting Students, and having references/testimonials from Faculty members on both sides of the Atlantic certainly helps to distinguish a candidate from their competitors!

Can I take the MCAT examination while I am studying in the UK?

Yes.  There is an examination centre in London (approximately 90 minutes travel time from Oxford), which offers the Medical Colleges Admissions Test.  For more information please visit the MCAT website.

How do I apply?

Please see 'how to apply'