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‘Your time at St Anne’s College will be one of the most transformative and intellectually fulfilling periods of your degree. Amidst the historic towering spires and modern vibe, you will learn to cherish and call Oxford home.'

St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2013-14, US Biology Major

'Being a Pre-med student means you have to make some sacrifices when it comes to certain life experiences – studying abroad is usually one of these. To me, St. Anne’s College, Oxford University was the only institution outside the US where I could spend a full year, while also continuing to progress my career plans.'

St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2017-18, US Molecular and Cellular Biology Major

‘Studying at St Anne's as a Pre-med student surpassed my expectations and challenged me in ways that have helped me walk away not only with an enhanced knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, but also with a better understanding of myself as a student and with a greater appreciation for learning.  One of the things that made the academic experience so special was that true learning was prioritized: through the tutorial system, we were encouraged to explore complex questions independently, and were given the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them.  I have no doubt that this experience will benefit me throughout the rest of my undergraduate studies as well as my future pursuit of an MD-PhD.  The sports, music, and numerous Oxford University societies that I had the opportunity to join also allowed me to discover new interests and to define a clearer career path for myself.  The friendly staff and the relaxed yet supportive community at St Anne's made the transition to the UK almost seamless, and the memories and friendships I've made are truly unforgettable.'

St Anne's Pre-med Sophomore 2017-18, US Neuroscience major

'As for my time at St. Anne's, I couldn't have imagined any other way to spend a pre-med year abroad, studying subjects ranging from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to Oncology, Medical Ethics and the Philosophy of Science. The tutorials in these subjects with experts and specialists in their respective fields provided opportunities for challenging discussions, in which I could confidently investigate and explore material at the forefront of my discipline.'

St Anne’s Pre-med Sophomore 2016-2017, US Biology Major

'My year at St. Anne's taught me to be a thorough and inquisitive learner.  Through each tutorial, I was pushed to explore topics beyond the surface level, which provided a rich and rewarding academic experience.  Beyond my studies, the opportunity to engage in the Oxford culture through rowing, attending college formal dinners, and simply building friendships with the Oxford students made my year at St. Anne's truly unforgettable.'

St Anne's Pre-med Sophomore 2014-15, US Chemistry Major

'The tutorial system afforded me freedom to explore topics in detail and assess the progress of my writing and wider reading. Your tutor probes every facet of your knowledge… The tutorial system empowers us not as students but as scholars and the individualised responsibility teaches us leadership. The importance of becoming a leader today cannot be underestimated and Oxford certainly breathes life into what we are: leaders of tomorrow.' 
St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2013-14, US Biology Major

'At my home university, we are taught to be very goal driven: X points on the test gives you an ‘A’; going to office hours regularly helps you to build a rapport with professor. But due to the small, intimate tutorial groups at St Anne’s I have finally been able to experience learning for its own sake and fully to immerse myself in my subjects. This year I have been able to fully explore the material without the fear of failing - making for a more holistic learning experience - working with tutors and lecturers, who were genuinely engaged in my personal and professional growth.'

St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2017-18, US Molecular and Cellular Biology major

'The decision to undertake the St. Anne's Pre-med Program remains one of the best decisions I have made in my undergraduate career, reflected in my current research and career aspirations as an MD-PhD applicant.'

St Anne's Pre-med Sophomore 2014-15, US Chemistry Major 

'My studies and laboratory research project strengthened my desire to apply for MD-PhD programs, so that I am better able to not only discover and develop treatment modalities, but to deploy them as well. Overall, the academic experience at St Anne’s was impeccable and infinitely engaging in every aspect. The wonderful friends I made, the people I met, and the easy access to travel was just a delightful bonus.'

St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2015-16, US Biology Major

'Studying Biochemistry at St. Anne's was a transformative experience. Whether it was reconstituting membrane proteins into liposomes in the lab, investigating the mechanisms of chromatin remodeling, or even discussing cell identity in the early human embryo, the opportunity to engage one-on-one with experts from many fields allowed for in-depth exploration of topics at the research level. Studying at St. Anne's confirmed my desire to pursue further combined MD-PhD study in the United States.'

St Anne's Pre-med Junior 2013-14, US Biology Major