Arrangements for Michaelmas Term 2020

We are looking forward to seeing you all in College once again. We know you are keen and possibly anxious to understand arrangements for next term. We have held back from circulating plans that are part developed and likely to change as we are aware that ever-changing guidance can be confusing and unhelpful. We are however working closely with your JCR representatives. At this time we are particularly prioritising the information needed by those of you who will be returning to College from outside the UK, so that you can make necessary arrangements. 

Returning International/Overseas Students Quarantine

 Generally speaking, the University expects all students, including international students and those who have spent the summer abroad, to be returning to College in Michaelmas 2020. If you are unable to travel back to Oxford because of travel restrictions in your area, or because you are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus, you will be able to apply for an emergency exemption – you can read the University’s updates to the residency requirements here. Most of you, however, will be expected to return to Oxford in the normal way in advance of Michaelmas Term. 

In accordance with the current Government Guidelines, it will be necessary for anyone travelling to the UK from, or travelling through, a country not on the quarantine exemption list to quarantine for a 14 day period.

Monday of 0th week is 5th October and quarantine needs to have been completed by 3rd October 2020 at the latest, so arrangements are in place for the beginning of Michaelmas Term 2020. We would therefore ask that you make arrangements to enter quarantine in the UK between 12th and 19th September 2020 if at all possible.

Quarantine will mean students must come directly to College from their point of entry into the country and then isolate in their rooms for this entire 2-week period. Students intending to live in private accommodation, excluding College-owned housing, will be expected to quarantine in that accommodation. Those who will be resident in College will be provided with an en-suite room on site for this period of quarantine to ensure minimal contact between students and Scouts. In addition, food including hot meals will be delivered to your door daily by College staff in line with arrangements that worked well in Trinity Term. Please note that you will not be able to access any belongings you may have in College storage during this two week period, so please pack and plan accordingly. 

Upon ending your 2-week period of isolation, you will be moved into your room, thus giving time for the en-suite to be deep cleaned by the Scouts, ready for its next student resident. 

There will be some flexibility available for students who have already booked flights that cannot be changed and which are not consistent with the required period. Please contact the Accommodation Office if you find yourself in this situation:

Food, accommodation and general advice and support from the College for the two week quarantine period will be charged at £548.10, inclusive. We are aware that there may be some students suffering financial hardship who may find it difficult to finance an additional two weeks’ accommodation. If you feel you will need financial assistance, please contact the Treasury:

We recognise that this will be a difficult period of isolation and thus College welfare support will be available throughout this time and continued into the term and the vacation beyond. The Welfare Team under the oversight of the Welfare Dean will provide contact with you each day during the isolation period. Should you become unwell, the nurse will also be available. Our Librarians have also been working hard to ensure that there will be Library provision upon your return, including when you are in quarantine. 

Vacation Residence for International/Overseas students

 If you are an international student who has a College room during term time and cannot return home due to travel restrictions arising from Covid-19, we will ensure that you are also accommodated through the Christmas and Easter Vacations. Again, these rooms will be charged at the standard vacation residence rates, but help will be available via the Treasury for students experiencing financial hardship. 

Residency Requirement

If you are strictly unable to return to the UK because of travel restrictions or health concerns covered by the University’s emergency exemptions, you will not be required to be in College during term time and will continue to work remotely as in Trinity Term, until you are safely able to come back to Oxford. Travel restrictions for different countries are rapidly changing, so if you do think you will be unable to return to College in Michaelmas Term, please do let Katherine Brown in the Academic Office know ( at the earliest opportunity so that an application can be made for the University’s residence requirement to be waived and so that your subject tutors and departments are able to make arrangements for your teaching. 

Please see also this note from Miles Young, Chair of the Conference of Colleges, on how decisions about these arrangements have been reached.