Library Provision

For students 

All the St Anne’s Librarians are committed to helping you to keep studying throughout this difficult period, but sadly we do have to make some big changes to our service to keep you, us and other College staff safe and well.

From 5pm on Thursday 19 March most areas of both the old and the new Library will be closed until further notice. 

The exception is the ground floor reading room in the new Library. You will be able to go into this area in order to use the PCs briefly and to use the printer. Please do not stay in the reading room to work on the PCs for more than 30 minutes. If other students or staff are in the reading room at the same time as you, please keep the recommended distance of at least 2m away from them.

College Library services during the closure

We had aimed to provide an enhanced remote service during the Library closure, but given recent Government updates to guidance, this will unfortunately no longer be possible. Most of the team will be working from home for some or all of the closure. 

All books on loan are currently due back on Wednesday 29 April (1st week). If we still have to restrict access through Trinity Term, we will automatically renew your loans.

If you are in Oxford, require additional resources and are NOT self-isolating:

· Staff will no longer be able to provide a retrieval service as previously planned. 

· You can return books that you no longer need to the book drop in the Tim Gardam Building – including books from the old Library. You will not be able to go into the Library in Hartland House.

If you are in Oxford, require additional resources and are self-isolating within the College site, please do not return any books until after you have completed your isolation period.

· Up to 1 chapter/1 article or 5% of a book can be scanned by staff and supplied by email.

If you are away from Oxford and require additional resources:

· Where possible, use the e-books and e-journals provided by the Bodleian through SOLO.

· College Library staff are working on options to support your studies through Trinity Term if Library access continues to be restricted. We will update you later in the vacation. · If you urgently need resources for an assessment deadline, please contact

Access to electronic resources

Assistance and advice about access to electronic resources will be available throughout the closure by emailing