Library Provision

Trinity Term 2021 Update:

Both Libraries are open from 10.00am through to 5.00am daily.

If you are in Oxford (living either on or off the College site) you can continue to study in the Library, borrow books, and use the Click & Collect service and the Scanning service.

If you are studying remotely, you can request scans and postal loans of material which is not available online.

Due to some new variants of coronavirus being more contagious, we have reduced the number of desk spaces available in order to strengthen our social distancing measures.  We will review these numbers through the term providing the number of coronavirus cases in College remains low.

The due date for all books currently on loan will be extended automatically until 16th June which is the normal term-time due date in 8th week

PLEASE stick to all of the guidelines which we ask you to follow when using the Library. The guidelines are there to keep all of our students and staff safe. If you do not follow the guidelines we will have no choice but to close the reading rooms in order to protect our community.

DO NOT come into either Library if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been told to self-isolate after being in close contact with someone who has symptoms.

Using the Library:

  • Wear a face covering at all times inside the Library unless you are exempt under Government guidelines. Even if you are the only person in the reading room, you must keep your face covering on.
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter the Library, and before and after using the printers and PCs.
  • Use the cleaning supplies in the reading rooms to wipe down your workspace before and after you use it.
  • Fill in the sign-in sheet at the desk where you are working.
  • Keep windows open to improve ventilation.
  • Do not move the chairs to another desk or position. The reading rooms have been carefully arranged in order to maintain social distancing whilst you are studying.  
  • Take all of your belongings with you when you’ve finished working for the day and do not leave anything on the desks overnight. This will help the Scouts when they do the morning cleaning.
  • The Group Study Rooms on the first floor of the Tim Gardam Building and the Geldart Room in Hartland House Library can be used by a maximum of 1 person. You should not study in the Library as a group at the moment, even if that group is your household bubble.

Browsing, borrowing and returning books

  • If you use books in the Library but do not want to borrow them, post them into the book return in the Tim Gardam Building or put them onto the book returns section of the Library staff desk in Hartland House. Do not leave them on desks or put them back onto shelves.
  • All books will be quarantined for a minimum of 24 hours before being reshelved.

Click and Collect:

We know that some of you might be feeling nervous about being in communal spaces. If you prefer not to enter the reading rooms to fetch your books, you can use the Click and Collect service:

  • Sign in to SOLO (
  • Look up the title in St Anne’s Library which you want to request.
  • On the shelf location page, click on the green REQUEST button.
  • You will receive an email when the book is ready to collect. Staff aim to fetch books three times a day on Mondays to Fridays.
  • Collect your book within 3 days from the trolley in the entrance area to the Tim Gardam Building. The book will already be checked out to you.

Scanning Service:

You can use the scanning service regardless of whether you are currently in Oxford or studying remotely.

  • Up to 1 chapter/1 article or 10% of a book can be scanned and sent by email.
  • Use the request form on the Library website ( which includes a copyright declaration. We cannot send any scans to you without confirmation that you have read and agree to the copyright declaration.
  • If the service becomes busy, staff will prioritize requests from students who are self-isolating or studying remotely.

What to do if you are self-isolating in Oxford:

  • Where possible, use the e-books and e-journals provided via SOLO. If you cannot find a particular book or article online, let us know. We may be able to help you to find the text or suggest it to the Bodleian for purchase.
  • Use the Scanning Service to request digital copies of chapters or articles.
  • If you are living on-site use the Click and Collect service to request print copies of books in the College Library. The books will be delivered to you. If you are living off-site or in private rented accommodation we may be able to deliver books to you depending on your location. Note: books from the Bodleian Libraries cannot be delivered to you.
  • Do not return your Library books whilst you are self-isolating.

What to do if you are studying remotely:

  • Where possible, use the e-books and e-journals provided via SOLO.
  • Use the Scanning Service to request digital copies of chapters or articles.
  • Request postal loans from the College Library for books not available online
  • If you are struggling to access resources, contact us to discuss what you need so that we can find the best way to support you.

Postal Loans:

Postal loans are only for students studying remotely outside Oxford:

  • Use the instructions for the Click & Collect service to place a request via SOLO for each title you want to receive.
  • After you have placed your request, email to say that you want to borrow the books by post and include your delivery address in the email.
  • Please limit your requests to 2-3 books at a time. We will not be able to post every book on a long reading list to you, so try to concentrate your requests on the most essential texts. If you are not sure which titles are the most essential to read, ask your tutor for advice.  You can place as many requests as you like, but in order to avoid going to the Post Office, we will limit each parcel to 2-3 books so that it is within the weight limit which we can send from the Lodge.
  • Postal deliveries are taking longer than normal, so allow for extra time before your deadline when you request a postal loan.
  • If another student requests a book which you have borrowed, we will contact you and ask you to post the book back to us. Do not post the books back unless we ask you to. You do not have to send the books back if you get an automatic recall notice generated by the Library system.
  • We will not charge you postage for books sent to you but if we recall a book from you for another student we would ask you to pay for the postage and to return the book promptly.

Requesting books for purchase:

Asking the Library staff for help:

The Library team will be working part-time from home and part-time in the Library. We will be in our offices rather than staffing the reception desks – but we’re still here to help you. We’ve installed doorbells at the staff desks in both libraries so you can buzz for us from the reception area, or come and knock at our office doors. Clare’s office is on the 1st floor of the Library in Hartland House. Sally is in the June Knowles Room, and Duncan and Lauren are in the Library office, both on the ground floor of the Tim Gardam Building. There will be at least one member of staff available during these hours in term-time:

Monday – Friday 09.00-13.00, 14.00-17:00

You can also contact us by email: