84th Domus Seminar

We are pleased to invite you

to the 84th St Anne’s College Domus Seminar

on Wednesday 3rd May 2023
at 5.30pm in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre

Paper to be given by Professor Steve Puttick, Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Non-Tutorial Fellow, St Anne’s College.

Striations of Empire in School Geography

Education promises empowerment, transformation and freedom, and geography education adds hope of more sustainable and equitable futures through greater understanding of the world. Yet these same forces are also used to reproduce unjust hierarchies and unequal distributions of multiple forms of capital and opportunity. This talk is about unpicking, disentangling and addressing some of the deep striations of Empire that are routed into the geographical tradition and which have shaped school geography. It will then sketch a more expansive vision for school geography by addressing three questions about the future of geography teaching: Where should we start from? Where should we go? What stories should we tell?

Drinks 6.30pm (Foyer)