Be Well, Do Well: Finding Your Purpose: Making good choices at Oxford and for your future career (Internal Event)

“To be a person is to have a story to tell,” said Isak Dinesen. To be a StAnner is to have a bold and purposeful story to tell. What better time to reflect on your own bold and purposeful story than Michaelmas Term of a new Oxford year?

Abundant choices are about to unfold before you, prompting a seemingly exhaustive list of questions: how should I spend my time this year, and next? Which jobs should I apply for (and which should I give the widest of berths)? How can I give myself the best chance to be well and stay well, when I am about to get serious about my work whilst still having a time to
remember for the rest of days? To help you find answers to some of these questions, treat yourself to an hour’s conversation with Richard Hytner, former Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, London Business School professor, trained coach and author of admired work on leadership. Richard now advises bluechip organisations around the world on how to foster a culture that can attract and inspire world-class talent.

Richard will talk about how having a personal purpose can help each of us shape our life’s choices, give us the confidence to make bold decisions, and keep us true to who we really are, what we stand for and what we hope to achieve. You’ll hear him talk about the changing world of work and how careful you have to be not to sell yourself into organisations whose dreams and values are incompatible with your own. He will also introduce you to a framework to help you begin to develop your personal story; and to manage the inevitable stress that inhabits the space between who you really are and who, in some contexts, you feel the need to be, thus supporting a Be Well and Do Well approach to life.


5.30pm: Introduction by the Principal
5.40pm: Talk from Richard Hytner
6.30pm: Q&A
6.45pm: Free Dinner in Hall

Please note that dinner will only be available free for those who have signed up for it and attended the talk. Staff can register by emailing Students need to book dinner in the usual way; Deborah Walker will send the Kitchen a list of those who attended the talk. Tables will be reserved for attendees; dinner is first-come, first served.