Behaviour and the COVID pandemic: Science matters

Anne Treisman Lecture 2022 – Behaviour and the COVID pandemic: Science matters (Professor Susan Michie) – Monday, 6 June, 2-3 pm at St Anne’s College – NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

This year’s Anne Treisman Lecture will be delivered by Professor Susan Michie on Monday, 6th June from 2-3 pm in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre at St Anne’s College. It will also be streamed online. So please make sure to secure your place straightaway if you wish to attend in person.

Professor Michie, an alumna of Experimental Psychology, serves as an expert advisor on both the UK’s COVID-19 Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behavioural Science (part of SAGE) and on the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission, and is a member of the UK’s Independent SAGE.

In her talk, Behaviour and the COVID pandemic: Science matters, she will reflect on the contribution of behavioural science to UK pandemic management and the related issue of translating scientific evidence into policy.  Please find more detailed information on the EP Events page.

To secure your place for both the seminar and the Afternoon Tea Reception please register via Eventbrite using the booking link below.

In person: