Sleep Better, Do Better? Circadian Rhythms, Sleep and You

As part of the Be Well, Do Well series, Professor Russell Foster will be delivering a talk on circadian rhythms and the importance of sleep to our health.

Professor Russell Foster is a world leading expert on sleep, who has recently appeared on Desert Island Discs and whose TED talk has been watched 7.9 million times. His specialism is Circadian Neuroscience, and he heads the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, which has investigated phenomena including sleep deprivation and its effect on our psyche, sleep-wake disturbances and their causes, and how light regulates our circadian rhythms. Professor Foster has written and co-authored over 250 scientific publications.

The lecture will take place at 5.30pm in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre, to be followed by a buffet supper in Foyer B of the Ruth Deech Building for those who attend. The buffet supper will only be available to those who have signed up for it and attended the talks. Students are required to book online (via EPOS/WebLearn) by 1.00pm on Friday 17 January. Students should also bring their Bod cards to the event in order to be registered. Those who do not attend the talks will be charged for the meal. Staff wishing to attend should email

Come and hear Russell explain why sleep is such a vital part of our wellbeing, why better sleep can make us better students and employees, and how we can make sure we get enough of it!