South of England SAS Branch; “Climate Change – is it because of us?”

“Climate Change – is it because of us?” Lecture by Professor Ian Candy organised by the South of England Branch of the St Anne’s Society.

Climate is never stable, climate is always changing. Whether you are talking about the last 100 years or the last 100,000 years, climate is naturally in a state of flux. Despite this, climate scientists are now more convinced than ever that the climate changes that have occurred over the past 150 years are not because of natural factors but because of us. How do we distinguish natural change from human induced change? Why are scientists so convinced that natural forcing factors cannot explain the changes that the Earth is currently experiencing?

You will learn what drives natural climate changes and the evidence that scientists have used to show that humans are now playing a drastic role on the evolution of Earth’s climate.

Ian Candy is a Professor of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London and the session will be chaired by Lise Cazzoli who is a member of the St Anne’s MCR, currently studying for a DPhil at the Oxford Department of International Development. Following the lecture there will be questions and discussion, and then time for more social chat at the end.

The lecture will be free to current students of St Anne’s. Please contact for a free ticket.

Money raised from the lecture will be donated to the St Anne’s Domus Fund which supports DPhil students with their research. The Branch is aiming to raise £500 this year to provide a bursary directed towards environmental science and the impact of climate change


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