Why writing women back into the past can change the future – Dr Janina Ramirez

We are delighted to welcome St Anne’s alumna Dr Janina Ramirez, who will be giving an online talk on the topic of why writing women back into the past can change the future.

2020 marks the centenary of women being able to attain degrees at Oxford university. On the anniversary of this important milestone in women’s history, Janina will speak about how we can look back at women in the past to change the future.

Dr Janina Ramirez is a well known writer and presenter, and has written and presented over 25 hours of television for the BBC. Documentaries include ‘Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons’, ‘Britain’s Millennium of Monasteries’, ‘The Private Lives of Kings’, ‘Art Lovers’ Guide’, ‘Viking Sagas’ and two series of ‘Raiders of the Lost Past’.  Janina is also heavily involved in outreach, has an award-winning podcast – ‘The Art Detective’.  She is dedicated to providing access to quality information and ideas, whether in the classroom with students or via media/social media.

Janina has been course director for the Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma in History of Art at the University of Oxford for the past ten years and teaches particularly across the medieval components on both courses. She has also published books on Power, Passion and Politics: The Private Lives of Saints in Anglo-Saxon England (Penguin, 2014), Julian of Norwich (SPCK, 2018) and Beowulf (Penguin, 2019). Janina has also written a series of children’s book set in the Viking period: Riddle of the Runes (OUP, 2018) and Way of the Waves (OUP, 2019). She is currently completing further books on 1066, Goddesses and a major historical study of medieval women entitled Femina.

Janina gained her degree in English literature and language (specializing in Old and Middle English) from St Anne’s College, Oxford. She then completed her post-graduate studies at the renowned Centre for Medieval Studies, York, specialising in medieval art. She completed a joint-funded cross-disciplinary art/literature PhD on the symbolism of birds, which led to a lectureship in York’s Art History department. This was followed by lecturing posts at Winchester, Warwick, and Oxford.

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