Ares, Dr Natalia


Natalia Ares

Research Fellow


Undergraduate: Lecture Course: Maths for Material Scientists

Graduate: I supervise 7 graduate students.

Research interests

Nano devices, quantum computation, nanomechanics.

Recent Publications

  • Wen, N. Ares, F.J. Schupp, T. Pei, G.A.D. Briggs, and E.A. Laird. A coherent nanomechanical oscillator driven by single-electron tunneling. arXiv:1903.04474 (accepted at Nature Physics)
  • Pearson, K.E. Khosla, M. Mergenthaler, G.A.D. Briggs, E.A. Laird, and N. Ares. Radio-frequency optomechanical characterization of a silicon nitride drum. arXiv:1903.01423
  • T. Lennon, H. Moon, L.C. Camenzind, Liuqi Yu, D.M. Zumbühl, G.A.D. Briggs, M.A. Osborne, E.A. Laird, and N. Ares. Efficiently measuring a quantum device using machine learning. npj Quantum Information, 5, 79 (2019)
  • J. Schupp, N. Ares, A. Mavalankar, J. Griffiths, G.A.C. Jones, I. Farrer, D.A. Ritchie, C.G. Smith, G.A.D. Briggs, and E.A. Laird. Radio-frequency reflectometry of a quantum dot using an ultra-lownoiseSQUID amplifier. arXiv: 1810.05767
  • Wen, N. Ares, T. Pei, G.A.D. Briggs, and E.A. Laird. Measuring carbon nanotube vibrations using a single-electron transistor as a fast linear amplifier. Applied Physics Letters 113, 153101 (2018).
  • E. Khosla, M.R. Vanner, N. Ares, and E.A. Laird. Displacemon electromechanics: how to detect quantum interference in a nanomechanical resonator. Physical Review X 8, 021052 (2018).
  • Mergenthaler, J. Liu, J.J. Le Roy, N. Ares, A. L. Thompson, L. Bogani, F. Luis, S.J. Blundell, T. Lancaster, A. Ardavan, G.A.D. Briggs, P.J. Leek, and E.A. Laird. Strong coupling of microwave photons to antiferromagnetic fluctuations in an organic magnet. Physical Review Letters 119, 147701 (2017).