Buxton, Rebecca

Rebecca Buxton

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics

Academic background

Rebecca completed her BA in Philosophy at King’s College London and her MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Her current DPhil research focuses on political theory and migration.


Rebecca is the Organising Tutor for Politics. 

Undergraduate: Introduction to Theory and Practise of Politics, Theory of Politics, Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau, Political Thought: Bentham to Weber, Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice

Research interests

Political philosophy, history of political thought, feminist political philosophy, forced migration and migration studies

Recent Publications

The Philosopher Queens, Edited by Rebecca Buxton & Lisa Whiting, Unbound Publishing, September 2020

‘Reparative Justice for Climate Refugees’, Philosophy, 2019, 94(2), 193-219 – Winner of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Essay Prize 2018

‘We Must Listen to Climate Refugees Now’, Climate Change and Population Displacement, Greenhaven Publishing, June 2020 (co-authored with Theo Kwek)

‘Migrants and Militants by Alain Badiou’, 2020, Journal of Refugee Studies, https://doi.org/10.1093/jrs/feaa050

‘The Ethics and Practise of Refugee Repatriation by Mollie Gerver’, LSE Review of Books, January 2020