Macaulay, Mr Alistair

Alistair Macaulay

Biegun-Warburg Junior Research Fellow in Economics




Academic background

DPhil Economics, 2020 (expected). University of Oxford (Nuffield College).

MPhil Economics, 2017 (distinction). University of Oxford (Nuffield College).

BA Economics and Management, 2015 (1st class). University of Oxford (Merton College).


Undergraduate: PPE and H&E: core macroeconomics

Research interests

Macroeconomics, Information Economics, Household Finance

Recent Publications

  • Is the Covid-19 recession caused by supply or demand factors? (with Paolo Surico). The Economics Observatory, 2020.
  • The 3 E’s of Central Bank Communication with the Public (with Andrew Haldane and Michael McMahon). CEPR Discussion Paper 14265, Bank of England Staff Working Paper No. 847, 2020.
  • A Rational Inattention Unemployment Trap (with Martin Ellison). CEPR Discussion Paper 13761, 2019.