Nagot, Maëlle

Maelle Nagot

French Lectrice

Academic background

Maëlle Nagot entered the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in 2018. Having acquired professional experience in publishing and cultural diplomacy, she is currently completing a two-year graduate course in English studies – more specifically in linguistics.


Her research, focused on American author Henry James, aims to apply the prism of linguistic theory to the study and interpretation of literary texts, demonstrating how certain linguistic phenomena serve as the backbone of narrative strategies.

Recent Publications


Additionally, Ms Nagot has worked as a literary translator and published a novel by Russian writer Valery Brioussov (Dernières pages du journal d’une femme, Paris: Editions Sillage, 2019) and another one by Henry James (Le Fonds Coxon, Paris: Editions Sillage, to be published in 2021).