Simpson, Dr Hannah

Dr Hannah Simpson

Rosemary Pountney Junior Research Fellow (British and European Drama, 1890-present day)

Academic background

Dr Simpson completed her BA in English Literature and French at St Hilda’s College (Oxford), her MA in English and American Literature at Boston University (US), and her DPhil at St Cross College (Oxford), before joining St Anne’s College as the Rosemary Pountney Junior Research Fellow. Her current project, tentatively entitled The Unexpected Dramatist: Modernism’s Forgotten Stage Plays, explores the forgotten plays of modernist novelists Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, E. M. Forster, James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, Flann O’Brien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner.

She is also currently working on two monographs: Witnessing Pain: Samuel Beckett and Post-War Francophone Theatre (Oxford University Press) and Samuel Beckett and Disability Performance (Palgrave Macmillan).


Undergraduate: Prelims Paper 1 (Introduction to Literary Theory), and FHS Papers 6 and 7 in twentieth-century and twenty-first-century literature.

Research interests

Twentieth-century literature; twenty-first century literature; Samuel Beckett; modernism; theatre and performance; war literature; literature and politics; the human body in literature; literary depictions of physical pain and disability; Northern Irish literature.

Recent Publications


Peer-Reviewed Articles


“Trying Again, Failing Again: Samuel Beckett and the Sequel Play”, forthcoming in New Theatre Quarterly, August 2021.

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Book Chapters


“International Influence and the Theatre Auditorium: Wallace Stevens and the Necessity of Distance” invited for Wallace Stevens as World Literature, eds. Bart Eeckhout, Gül Han and Anna Jamieson. Under review with Cambridge University Press.

“Beckett’s Afterlife in Northern Irish Poetry”, Samuel Beckett’s Poetry, eds. James Brophy and William Davies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2022.

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Editor Publications


Special issue editor, “World War II: Bodies Beyond the Battlefield”, Medical Humanities 46.2, 2020

Special issue editor, “Writing Bodily Resistance in World War II”, Twentieth Century Literature 66.1, 2020.

Special issue editor, “Global Perspectives on the Body and World War II”, The Journal of War and Culture Studies 13.2, 2020.

Theatre Review editor, The Beckett Circle, 2018 – present.


Other Publications


“Performing Northern Ireland: Stephen Rea in Cyprus Avenue and Hard Border”, commissioned for Contemporary Irish Literature, November 2020. Available at

Introductory chapters and poem annotations on W. B. Yeats, Thomas Hardy, and Wilfred Owen, Modern Literature Open Passageways textbook.

“Disability, Neurodiversity, and Feminism”, invited position statement, The Journal of Feminist Scholarship 16.1, Spring/Fall 2019, 81-83.

“A Closer Look at JML 40.4,” Journal of Modern Literature’s “Take a Closer Look” series, September 2017. Available at

“Jess Thom’s Not I: The Relaxed Performance and Tourette’s Syndrome”, The Beckett Circle, Summer 2017.