Using the Library

Trinity Term 2022 Update:

Both library buildings are open 24/7 – except on Fridays when the Library will be closed between 7.30 and 9.00 am to be sprayed with disinfectant.

Using the Library:

Wearing a face covering in the College Library is now a personal choice. Please respect the choice of other Library users whether they wear a face covering or not, and remember that many members of St Anne’s may have hidden vulnerabilities which make them more susceptible to COVID-19. If someone is wearing a face covering, please give them a little extra space when you are talking to them or studying near them.

Keep windows open to improve ventilation.  We are keeping hand sanitiser and cleaning materials in the Library for you to continue to use if you want to.

Take all of your belongings with you when you’ve finished working for the day and do not leave anything on the desks overnight. This will help the Scouts when they do the morning cleaning. Library staff will clear anything left on the desks each morning at around 9.00am. If you start working early and take a break for breakfast, please leave us a note so that we do not move your things.

No food is allowed in the Library. You can bring in water and hot drinks as long as they are in a bottle or cup with a secure lid.

Browsing, borrowing and returning books

If you use books in the Library but do not want to borrow them, post them into the book return in the Tim Gardam Building or put them onto the book returns section of the Library staff desk in Hartland House. Do not leave them on desks or put them back onto shelves.

If you become ill:

If you are sick and suspect that you may have COVID-19, please do not visit the Library until you are better.

Where possible, use the e-books and e-journals provided via SOLO. If you cannot find a particular book or article online, let us know. We may be able to help you to find the text or suggest it to the Bodleian for purchase.

Use the Scanning Service to request digital copies of chapters or articles.

Use the Click and Collect service to request print copies of books in the College Library and ask a friend to collect them for you. If no-one can collect them for you, let us know and, we will try to organise delivery to you.

Asking the Library staff for help:

You will usually find us at the staff desk in the reception area of each Library. If no-one is at the desk, press the buzzer and one of us will come to help you, or come and knock on our office doors. Clare’s office is on the 1st floor of the Library in Hartland House. Sally is in the June Knowles Room, and Duncan and David are in the Library Office, both on the ground floor of the Tim Gardam Building. Staff are available Monday – Friday 09.00-13.00, 14.00-17:00. 

You can also contact us by email: