Super-Curriculars and Resources

We understand that Covid-19 has taken its toll on students and teachers alike. Alongside the challenges, we are in awe of all the fantastic resources we have seen created and put online in response to the crisis, as well as the range of existing materials that students and teachers alike can use to inspire themselves and explore their subjects further.

The following pages, websites and documents pull together a range of resources which we would highly recommend. Some of these resources were created at the University of Oxford, many were created far beyond. This is by no means an exhaustive list – if you find any new ones or ones you think we should include, please share the link with us at! Thank you to everyone who has put work into making and sharing these resources!

Competitions and Spotlight Resources

Resources - Alphabetical Order

Balliol College has a range of resources, including an English Reading List for ambitious Year 9-10s.

They also have a great set of documents that tie together a range resources for KS2-5 students and teachers for various subjects, including Maths, English and Sciences.

The following websites are useful for any considering Computer Science, at any level:

Our friends as the Department of Computer Science have a great background reading list for anyone considering applying for Computer Science.

There are lots of useful resources for those interested in Engineering, prospective applicants to Oxford and Oxford offer holders on the Department of Engineering Science website.

For those interested in Music, or anyone just wanting to stretch their vocal chords!

Hertford College’s Outreach Officer, Nathan, gives an explanation of Oxford University, what it’s like to study here, and application tips!

You can also take part in their Unsung Heroes of Science competition online.

Jesus College has a fantastic YouTube channel with a range of resources, from videos of their students asking FAQs, to Thinking Skills Assessment preparation, and summer school lectures

Lady Margaret Hall’s YouTube channel also has a great range of resources on applying to Oxford, as well as these fantastic one-minute videos giving insight into some of their graduates’ research.

Dr Frost, shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize, is a past-student of Oxford’s Computer Science Department!

Teachers may also find this website helpful.

A great YouTube channel for anyone with an interest in Literature and Creative Writing.

From the University of Cambridge, a great set of resources for wider reading, putting subjects in context and just exploring your interests.

The University of Oxford has brought together lots of digital resources for ages 12 and under, 12 to 16 and 16 plus. Some of these are already listed in this website but there are many more resources for subject specific areas or particular age groups that may be of interest.

Podcasts from the University of Oxford for a wide range of subjects and interests.

Just Add Imagination – a science booklet for parents of students aged 7-11.

And a series of suggested lesson plans for teachers of KS3-5.

The Classics Faculty at Oxford has a great set of resources, whether you’ve studied the subject before or are interesting in exploring a new subject, including students playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! 

Our friends as the Department of Computer Science have a great background reading list for anyone considering applying for Computer Science.

The Oxford University Education Department has a brilliant set of resources subject-specific resources for secondary aged pupils to help with homeschooling.

A fantastic range of resources, from great writers to the diseases of modern life to help with GCSE AQA English.

And if you want to know what it’s like to have an English tutorial at Oxford, listen here!

The Maths Department has an incredible YouTube channel with a range of university-level lectures and webinars, including a video on preparing for the Maths Admissions Test.

The essential resource for exploring ‘Big Questions’; a huge range of topics that have multiple sides to every argument – perfect for testing out debating skills and critical thinking.

If you want an insight into students’ lives at the University of Oxford, look no further, Oxvlog has you covered!

The Queen’s College, Oxford, has been tweeting about lots of different free activities and opportunities for students and teachers who are homeschooling – there are lots of great websites and resources mentioned for a range of subjects (and great gifs too).

Digital resources, information and competitions, the Inspire Programme has materials for students and teachers. The current topic is on volcanoes.

Target Oxbridge aims to identify talented black students and provide them with one-to-one support that improves their chances of success when applying to Oxford and Cambridge. It’s a fantastic programme and now offers a regular podcast on applying to Oxbridge.

The Brilliant Club have a fantastic range of videos on university information and guidance, virtual masterclasses, and study skills for pupils aged 10-18.

The also have a whole series of materials from their programme that is now available online for students aged 10-18.

A series of engaging podcasts for Years 9-13!

The Oxford Scientist Schools’ Writing Competition is open! It is on the theme: ‘A scientific discovery, invention or advance that still affects the world today.’

The award-winning maths outreach programme featuring puzzles, videos, podcasts and articles that show maths can be fun!

With more content that you thought could fit in one place, Staircase 12 is a fantastic set of reading materials and suggestions, which includes a Reading Bank of materials that tutors and students read, or wish they had read, before coming to Oxford, and a Resource Hub of (mostly free) materials and websites that might apply to your subject area

Cambridge’s English Department has a virtual classroom that gives you a great taster into studying English at University.

Cambridge’s History Department also has a virtual classroom – a great taste of university life.

Similar to Staircase 12, Worcester College’s Bookshelf Project has lots of reading suggestions for different subject areas.

From the University of Cambridge, these demonstration lectures show some spectacular Chemistry in action.