Pre-Medical Programme

The St Anne's Pre-medical Programme stands out amongst other pre-med year abroad courses for its molecular focus and emphasis on independent study. 

At its heart lies the philosophy that human diseases and clinical treatments can only be fully understood with a detailed knowledge of cellular molecular process, and the programme is therefore led by the St Anne's Biochemistry tutors in collaboration with colleagues from Chemistry, Physiology and Experimental Psychology.  The course is taught through a combination of tutorials and lectures given by Faculty members (Tutors and Lecturers) from the College and the wider University.

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St Anne's has a strong tradition of medical and biochemical research and the College's tutors include specialists in metabolism, structural biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, psychology, hematology and endocrinology.  The College also hosts the Centre for Personalised Medicine, which provides a focus for collaboration between Oxford University scientists and clinicians working in a diverse range of fields.

Image: A photomicrograph from the laboratory of Professor Francis Szele showing a single brain stem cell can generate all three major cells of the brain: white neurons, green astrocytes and red oligodendrocyte.

St Anne’s offers three distinct Pre-med courses:

Fall Semester (September – December)

Teaching for the Fall Semester Programme begins in early September and all students take five-week courses in Human Physiology and fundamental Biochemistry, which lay the foundations for the more advanced options taken during Michaelmas Term (the eight week period from early October to early December).

Extended Academic Year (September – June)

Throughout September, our Extended Academic Year students study Physiology and Biochemistry alongside our Fall Semester students, but have the option of taking a broader, more extensive range of courses through Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity Terms.

Standard Academic Year (October – June)

Our Standard Academic Year students arrive in Oxford at the start of Michaelmas Term and study in Oxford up until the end of Trinity Term in mid-June.

For a list of the options available to Pre-med students at St Anne’s, please see the further course details.