Visiting Students

St Anne’s College warmly welcomes undergraduate Visiting Students – international students wishing to study for up to a year supervised by a Fellow of St Anne’s, but not for a degree or diploma.

St Anne’s has an established and successful Visiting Student programme offering students a chance to experience academic and social life in an Oxford College. 

Your course

We encourage you to look through our Programmes of Study to find out which course most interests you.  Like our full-degree course undergraduates, most Visiting Students will study one subject at their time at St Anne’s.  Depth of study is a particular strength of the Oxford system, so we encourage students to focus on one subject in most instances.  However, if you are interested in studying two subjects during your time here at St Anne’s, please email for advice, prior to submitting your application form.


As well as attending lectures and classes, you will engage with your academic work within the tutorial system which is intellectually challenging and stimulating, and hugely rewarding. A tutorial lasts one hour, and each tutor normally sees students in pairs. It is a highly concentrated hour of discussion and debate, for which you will have prepared in advance. A tutorial assignment may be an essay on a set topic, a problem set or another kind of assignment. To make the most of this particular way of learning, you will be very motivated, organised and determined. You will develop your independent study skills and learn to debate and defend your ideas. Tutorials will be with College-employed academics – Fellows, Lecturers and Graduate Scholars. As with all Oxford full-degree course undergraduates, you may also find yourself being tutored by a qualified specialist in other colleges in Oxford.

 Personal tutors

You will have a Personal Tutor, a College-employed academic who will assist you on academic matters. You will not sit examinations while you are here, but your termly work and progress will be closely monitored and discussed with you (as it is for all undergraduates). Your contribution to tutorials, including your written work, will form the basis of the report prepared by your academic tutor which will be read to you at the end of each term by your Personal Tutor. College will provide your home institution with a detailed transcript of your academic attainment. The Tutor for Visiting Students will support you in making the most of your time with us.

 Why St Anne’s?

1.  Visiting Students integrate fully in the student life of St Anne’s, getting involved with college clubs and sports teams and making friends with our undergraduate students.

2.  We run a programme of events for Visiting Students throughout the year, including a welcome event and a Thanksgiving Dinner.

3.  Our Tutor for Visiting Students oversees the Visiting Student programme, and can provide advice to students.

4.  St Anne’s is a very international College and Visiting Students are encouraged to get involved with events organised by our JCR International Rep. 

5.  Visiting Students are accommodated on the College site, so you’ll get the chance to live in an Oxford College and close to all the facilities that St Anne’s has to offer.