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Our Purpose, Research and Values

St Anne's College

We aspire to understand the world and change it for the better

At St Anne’s, our ambition is to create a diverse and inclusive community that will contribute to the University’s vision to lead the world in education and research. We build on the powerful legacy of our predecessors and alumnae to achieve our values, which are to be:

  • Forward-looking & outward-facing
  • Diverse & multidisciplinary
  • Ambitious & down-to-earth
  • Independent & collaborative
  • Rigorous & supportive

We do this through the combined efforts of all our people: students, alumnae, fellows, and staff all work together to make St Anne’s the College it is today. Read more about our Purpose.

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St Anne’s is a large, international community of researchers, with a thriving intellectual life. The collegiate nature of the University of Oxford provides a unique forum for collaborative working and interdisciplinary research. St Anne’s is committed to actively developing this potential and to encouraging dialogue at all stages of academic life. Research activities at St Anne’s are supported by a busy programme of workshops, seminars and lectures that bring together research fellows, lecturers, fellows, and give graduate students (and occasionally undergraduates) the chance to share their research. Use the menu to the right to find out more about the research being undertaken at St Anne’s.