Term Dates

St Anne’s requires undergraduates to be in Oxford by 2pm on the Thursday of Week 0 of every term; the eight weeks of University Full Term begin on the following Sunday. You must stay until Saturday of 8th Week. There are University regulations requiring a certain number of nights’ residence each term. If you need to be away from College (for example because you are ill) please consult your Personal Tutor and the Academic Registrar.

Full University term dates can be found on the University website.

Continuing students

Student returning for the start of term must register at the beginning of each academic year via Student Self-Service. The University will send you an email giving the codes you need for University registration. You must have registered by the time you arrive. This is very important to ensure access to College and University services and to ensure you receive your student loan on time. If you have any concerns regarding your registration, please contact the Academic Registrar.