Studying at St Anne’s

St Anne’s is a lively academic community built on mutual respect, trust, and hard work.


Oxford tutorial system

A unique aspect of learning and teaching at the University of Oxford is the world-renowned tutorial system. As well as attending lectures and classes, you will engage with your academic work within the tutorial system which is intellectually challenging, stimulating, and hugely rewarding. Each week you will meet with one of our tutors to discuss in depth the material that you have been studying.

To make the most of this particular way of learning, you will need to be very motivated, organised and prepared. You will develop your independent study skills and learn to debate and defend your ideas.


Academic schedule

Tutorials are the main mode of teaching for Oxford undergraduates and are organised between the student and the tutor.  You will typically attend a tutorial every week, or bi-weekly, for each class or paper you are studying. A tutorial usually lasts one hour, and each tutor normally sees students in pairs. It is a highly concentrated hour of discussion and debate, for which you will have prepared in advance. Your tutorials are supplemented by lectures, and sometimes group tutorials and/or laboratory practical classes, as appropriate, which are run by the University and will include students from across the University.


Course Catalogue

We encourage you to look at our Course Catalogue to find out which course most interests you.  Like our full-degree course undergraduates, most Visiting Students will study one subject at their time at St Anne’s.  Depth of study is a particular strength of the Oxford system, so we encourage students to focus on one subject in most instances.  However, if you are interested in studying two subjects during your time here at St Anne’s, please email for advice, prior to submitting your application form.

Course catalogue

Tutorial teaching aims to develop and improve your analytical and problem solving skills, your written and oral communication and your independent and critical thinking.

Independent study and tutorial preparation

You are expected to undertake a considerable amount of independent study and research to prepare for your tutorials, which could include readings, research, essay writing and problem solving. For each of your tutorials you will be expected to independently prepare either an essay on a set topic, or a problem set (depending on the course)  or another kind of assignment and you will discuss these during the tutorial.  Your Tutor will generally provide you with a reading list or other guidance to help you get started.  Your hour-long tutorials will typically involve you, your tutor and one or two other students.


Personal Tutors

All students are assigned a Personal Tutor who plays a fundamental role in the course of your time at Oxford, monitoring your general wellbeing and your academic progress. They will plan your teaching while in Oxford. You will meet with your Personal Tutor at the start of term to ensure you are prepared, and at the end of term to discuss your progress. Your Personal Tutor is also your primary pastoral contact with whom you can discuss any matter which is impacting your ability to engage with your academic work. He/she can also direct you to other sources of help and support in the College.


Transcripts and grades

At the end of your time at St Anne’s we will produce a transcript, based on the reports of the Tutors who have taught you over the term or year, which we send to you and your home institution (or Study Abroad coordinator/provider). Your home institution or study abroad provider will allocate and award you academic credit and a final grade for the work that you have done at Oxford.  Please note that Visiting Students are not eligible to receive a degree or diploma from the University of Oxford and do not sit University examinations.


Accommodation and Meals

For the 2023-24 academic year, visiting students will be housed in single en-suite (private bathroom) furnished rooms on the main College site with other undergraduates. There are shared kitchens and internet access. Accommodation is guaranteed to visiting students and available during the Oxford vacation (depending on your terms of study) at no additional cost.  You may remain in College during the vacations, or leave your belongings in your room and come and go as you wish.

At mealtimes most students choose to use the Dining Hall, which is a focal point of College and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays and brunch at weekends. College subsidies the cost of food so meals are relatively inexpensive. St Anne’s also has a coffee shop and bar. You can use your meal card at all of these facilities.

How to Apply

See details of how to apply to our Visiting Students Programme here.