University Cards

The University Card

Students require a University Card (also known as a Bod card) to gain access to libraries, computing and printing services, and some University buildings. Payment for meals in the Dining Hall and STACs is also via your University Card. A meal account runs alongside your battels, and you can check your meal credit balance at the Dining Hall tills. Payments for meal top‐ups can be done online.

Replacing your lost University Card

If you have lost your University Card, you will need to order a new one via the University Online Store. There is a £10 fee to replace a lost card. Your new University Card will be sent to the Academic Office, who will email you when it has arrived.

Replacing stolen or damaged University Cards

Please contact the Academic Office if your card is damaged or stolen, or if you need an amendment like an extension or change to a different subject. There is no fee for this.

If a lost or stolen card is recovered after it has been replaced it must be returned to the Academic Office. Your barcode number will have been changed on your replacement card, so the old one will not work in Hall or when printing.