Postgraduate Study

St Anne's has a thriving community of over 250 postgraduate students

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Undergraduate Admissions

Welcoming, supportive and committed to excellence - find out more about studying at St Anne's

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Visiting Students

An academic study abroad experience

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The great strength of Oxford is that every college is different. St Anne’s distinguishes itself as a down-to-earth, friendly and independent-minded place that takes people for what they are and enjoys the range of backgrounds and experience of its students.  It is modern and open to the world, informal and yet academically ambitious.

St Anne’s is a young college by Oxford’s standards; founded in 1879 as the Society of Home Students, we celebrated 60 years as a full College of the University in 2012. It is also one of the largest, with a diverse and lively mix of some 446 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate students, with an academic fellowship that ranges across the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical and Medical Sciences.

Many choose to apply to St Anne’s after visiting us for an Open Day because they like its engaging and accessible atmosphere. Students say that the value of studying here is that you can be yourself, whoever you are. It is possible to study a wide range of courses here, and we encourage applications in joint subjects at undergraduate level. St Anne’s appears relaxed, but underneath it is a studious and self-motivated place. There is a close relationship, stimulating but supportive, between our tutorial Fellows and their students. The Professors attached to the College take a full part in graduate and undergraduate life. The College holds ‘Subject Family’ events, where anyone is invited to come together for an evening of cross-subject talks and a social occasion. In the summer, the lawns are full of students studying for the exams, or relaxing afterwards. Our library is recognized as one of the best undergraduate libraries in Oxford – it is calm, airy and has some 110,000 volumes, far more than most college libraries. Our students take an active part in drama, University sports and journalism. The College takes its responsibilities for the welfare of its students extremely seriously. There is a large welfare team. St Anne’s is proud of its accessibility. No College has more students on the University’s bursary scheme.

Most of our 425 undergraduate students choose to live in College throughout their time here. We have graduate accommodation for many of our 300 graduates and have a new social and graduate studies centre in College. We offer a wide range of graduate scholarships and see graduates as an essential part of our academic community.

The College also welcomes applications for our Visiting Students Programme, where international students apply to study for up to a year supervised by a Fellow of St Anne’s, but not for a degree or diploma.

I hope you enjoy reading about the College and our welcoming and supportive atmosphere.