Course Catalogue and Selection

Studying at Oxford is often an opportunity for a Visiting Student to immerse themselves in a chosen area of study, as a UK undergraduate would do. However it is certainly possible to study more than one subject at St Anne’s and you can see suggestions of complementary subjects on the subject information provided on these pages. Please discuss your intended courses with your Study Abroad Advisor or Provider before you submit your application. 

Visiting Students at St Anne’s generally take two or three tutorial courses each term depending on their subject. For each tutorial course you will take a combination of tutorials, classes/seminars and lectures, each of which requires significant preparation including the submission of written work prior to the session.

Our Course Catalogue provides further detail about the course content for the different subjects that are available to Visiting Students at St Anne's. If you have any questions or need further course information please email for advice, prior to submitting your application form.


Social Sciences