Best Practice for Online Meetings

Reminders of best practice for online meetings (to include tutorials, outreach sessions and interviews)

* Only use University approved video call systems (MS Teams)

* Always use your university provided log-ins, never personal accounts

* Have clear and neutral backgrounds to your video where nothing inappropriate can be seen or heard in the background. Make use of blurred or imposed background images

* Find an uninterrupted and private space to speak

* If there is a minor involved, such as during an outreach session or an interview, have consent from the parents/guardian for the student to take part (in writing or verbally), and ensure a risk assessment is in place

* Please abide by data protection guidelines and make sure you have verbal consent from everyone on the call if you intend to record it, or take screenshots

* Sessions with under 18s should not be recorded, or screenshots taken, without written consent from parents/guardians