Why Classics at St Anne’s? 

The College has a strong classical tradition, with three tutors in the Literae Humaniores School responsible for language and literature, ancient history and philosophy respectively.

Students are admitted to read Classics, as well as the Joint Schools of Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages and Classics and Oriental Studies.
St Anne’s admits students for all forms of the Oxford Classics degree. Many of our students arrive with an A-Level or equivalent in both Latin and Greek or solely in Latin. We are also strongly committed to Classics Course II, which allows students with no school preparation in the ancient languages to study one language intensively for their first public examination and, should they choose to do so, to take up the second language for finals. We have an established and highly effective programme for ensuring that students studying either language intensively from beginner’s level do so with success.

St Anne’s Classics students form a close-knit community, and there is ample opportunity for students of all years to interact through the activities of the St Anne’s Classics Society. This promotes termly guest lectures, a joint Research Symposium with Brasenose College, social events, and occasional reading parties to Cornwall and Naples. Students may also apply for grants to support travel in Greece and Italy, to attend the Summer Schools of the British Schools in Rome and Athens, or to join an archaeological dig.

Classics students at St Anne’s come from a very wide range of educational backgrounds both within Britain and abroad (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Italy, United States). Thanks to the generous donation of a former student, students applying from the Comprehensive sector, Sixth-Form or FE Colleges are eligible to apply for a Classics bursary.