Experimental Psychology

All lectures in Psychology and Statistics as well as practical classes are provided by the Department of Experimental Psychology. At St Anne’s, Professor Kate Watkins and Dr Demeyere teach Introduction to Psychology to all Psychology students in the first two terms (Prelims). Statistics tutorials are given by Mr Simon Vivian.

For Part I courses, tutorials are organized by the Department. Tutorials in Advanced Options (Part II) are arranged and usually given by the expert lecturers who teach these options. Prof. Watkins has research interests in the study of speech and language, but undergraduates are given the widest possible choice of subjects within the School, and receive tuition both from her and from specialists in other colleges.

St Anne’s has a strong tradition in both single honours Experimental Psychology (EP) and in the joint Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL) course.

Applicants are admitted from a wide range of sixth-form courses both in sciences and arts, but we do have a preference for applicants with at least one science and/or mathematics A-level. 

We are looking for a well-articulated understanding of what academic psychology is about, and seek candidates who are able to think clearly and analytically, to make use of empirical evidence in reasoning, and for a strong curiosity about the nature of mental processes. We welcome candidates who show independent initiative, self-organization and a hard-working attitude.