Be Well, Do Well — Trinity Term 2024

Students are invited to a panel event on how to look after yourselves physically and mentally during Trinity Term, particularly when it comes to dealing with exam preparation and maintaining balance.

There will be advice from tutors and examiners in Medical Sciences, humanities, social sciences and MPLS about:

How to prepare best for exams/assessment
How to achieve the best results
How to stay well and enjoy Trinity Term at the same time
There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Talk: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre, 5.30pm

Dinner: Foyer B, 6.45pm

Free dinner for all who sign up and attend — sign up in the usual way on the meal booking system. If you sign up but do not attend, you will be charged for the meal. You will need to sign up by Thursday of 0th Week.