Abeler, Professor Johannes

Abeler Johannes

Professor of Economics and Supernumerary Fellow

Academic Background

After studying Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, he completed a PhD in Economics at the University of Bonn and then moved to the University of Nottingham. He joined Oxford in 2011 and teaches mainly Behavioural Economics and Public Economics. His research has studied the economic effects of honesty, complexity, disappointment, fairness, and fungibility.


Behavioural & Experimental Economics (for the department)

Research Interests

His research has studied the economic effects of honesty, disappointment, fairness, complexity, and fungibility.

Recent Publications

Preferences for Truth-telling (forthcoming) Econometrica (with Daniele Nosenzo, Collin Raymond)

A website with interactive graphs of the truth-telling meta study is here.

Fungibility, Labels, and Consumption (2017) Journal of the European Economic Association (with Felix Marklein)

Complex Tax Incentives (2015) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (with Simon Jäger)

Representative Evidence on Lying Costs (2014) Journal of Public Economics (with Anke Becker, Armin Falk)

Other publications available here