Boettcher, Dr Sage


Sage Boettcher

Stipendiary Lecturer in Experimental Psychology

Academic background

DPhil Experimental Psychology; Oxford 2020

MSc Interdisciplinary Neuroscience; Goethe University Frankfurt; 2016

BSc Psychology & Statistics; University of Delaware, 2012



Experimental Psychology

Undergraduate: Cognitive Psychology, Psychobiology, Perception, EEG

Graduate: Statistical Methods and Theory

Research interests

My work focuses on understanding how our past experiences and memories guide attention and behaviour. I am specifically interested in how we may proactively use memories from different time scales (short & long-term) and from different dimensions (spatial, temporal, & identity) to guide ongoing behaviour. To understand these processes I use a combination of psychophysical methods with non-invasive brain imaging techniques. 

Recent Publications

  1. Boettcher, S.E.P., Shalev N., Wolfe, J.M., Nobre, A.C., (in press). Right place, right time: Spatiotemporal predictions guide attention in dynamic visual search. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. 
  2. Boettcher, S.E.P., Gresch, D., Nobre, A.C., & van Ede, F. (2021). Output planning at the input stage in visual working memory. Science Advances, 7(13), 8212-8236
  3. Boettcher S.E.P., van Ede, F., & Nobre A.C.,  (2020). Functional biases in attentional templates from associative memory. Journal of Vision. 20(13):7. 
  4. Boettcher S.E.P., Stokes M.G., Nobre A.C., & van Ede F. (2020). One thing leads to another: anticipating visual object identity based on associative-memory templates. Journal of Neuroscience.
  5. Võ, M.L.H., Boettcher, S.E.P., & Draschkow D. (2019). Reading Scenes: How scene grammar guides attention and aids perception in real world environments. Current Opinion in Psychology. (29) 205-210.
  6. Boettcher, S.E.P., Draschkow D., Dienhart E., & Võ M. L.-H. (2018) Anchoring visual search in scenes: Assessing the role of anchor objects on eye movements during visual search. Journal of Vision; 18(13):11. doi: 10.1167/18.13.11.
  7. Boettcher, S.E.P., Drew, T., & Wolfe, J.M.  (2018) Lost in the supermarket: Quantifying the cost of partitioning memory sets in hybrid search. Memory & Cognition. (46), 43–57.