Davies, Professor Will

Will Davies Website Photo

Will Davies

Associate Professor and Gabriele Taylor Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy



Undergraduate: PPE; Maths and Philosophy; Computer Science and Philosophy; Philosophy and Modern Languages; Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics.

Graduate: BPhil and DPhil in Philosophy

Academic Background

Prof Davies completed the BPhil and DPhil in Philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford. During the DPhil, he was a Jowett Senior Scholar at Balliol and then a Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge. Following that, he had stints as a postdoc at the University of Antwerp and the University of Oxford. From January 2017-August 2019, he was a lecturer at the University of Birmingham. He took up his current post at St Anne’s in September 2019.

Research Interests

Prof Davies works in the philosophy of mind – including philosophy of psychology and psychiatry – and related areas of epistemology and metaphysics. His main research interests concern colour perception and social explanation in psychiatry.




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