Gibson, Dr James


James Gibson

Stipendiary Lecturer in Materials Science

Academic background

James graduated from Corpus Christi College in 2011 with a first-class degree in Materials Science. He remained in the Materials department for his DPhil, graduating in 2015 having studied the mechanical properties of tungsten for nuclear fusion applications. Between 2015 and 2022, James worked at RWTH Aachen University in Germany as a group leader for small-scale mechanical testing. He has now returned to the Oxford Materials department where he studies Zirconium alloys for nuclear fission applications.


Undergraduate: James teaches a variety of subjects related to physical metallurgy as well as mechanical properties of materials.

Research interests

James’ research interests have always focused on mechanical testing, particularly at the micron- and sub-micron scales. He particularly enjoys the challenge of working in extreme environments, particularly at very high temperatures. James has investigated materials ranging from glass to nuclear alloys and hard, protecting coatings. His current research is centred around quantifying mechanical property changes in Zirconium and its alloys after irradiation.