Grindrod, Professor Peter

Peter Grindrod

Supernumerary Fellow in Mathematics

Academic background

Peter obtained a degree in maths from the University of Bristol (1981) and a PhD from the University of Dundee (1983), after which followed a short period of post doctoral research in dynamical systems and nonlinear PDEs at Dundee. Between 1984 and 1989 he worked at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, largely on both applications and modelling within physiology and biology. From 1989, when he joined a commercial consulting company working in the environmental sciences, he had an intense commercial career, founding three successful analytics companies. He is Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford since 2013.

Research interests

Peter is a mathematician contributing to a range of digital analytics concepts and topics including social media, retail, consumer goods, maritime trade and transport, mobile banking/telco, security, and behavioural analytics sectors. He works within emerging economies developing behaviour-based credit referencing; the retail and supply sectors (customer-centred insights); the energy sector and the analysis of customer demand; and the digital marketing and advertising sectors. He is a former member of the Council of both the EPSRC and the BBSRC and of MOD’s DSAC.

Further details on his research interests can be found here.

Recent Publications


Peter Grindrod, Mathematical Underpinnings of Analytics, (2014) OUP, Oxford.

Peter Grindrod, Patterns and Waves, The Theory and Applications of Reaaction Diffusion Equations (1991), OUP, Oxford.

Recent Publications: 

On the exponential generating function for non-backtracking walks
Arrigo, F; Grindrod, P; Higham, D; Noferini, V
Linear Algebra and its Applications volume 556 page 381-399 (26 July 2018)

High modularity creates scaling laws
Grindrod, P; Higham, D
Scientific Reports issue 8 volume 8 page 9737- (27 June 2018)

The seformed graph laplacian and its applications to network centrality analysis
Grindrod, P; Highham, D; Noferini, V
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications issue 1 volume 39 page 310–341- (1 March 2018)

On human consciousness: a mathematical perspective
Grindrod, P
Network Neuroscience issue 1 volume 2 page 23–40- (10 January 2018)

A genetic algorithm approach for modelling low voltage network demands
Giasemidis, G; Haben, S; Lee, T; Singleton, C; Grindrod, P
APPLIED ENERGY volume 203 page 463-473 (1 October 2017)

For an up-to-date list of publications see the Mathematical Institute page or Peter’s Researchgate profile.