Grønlie, Dr Siân


Siân Grønlie

Associate Professor in Medieval Literature and Kate Elmore Fellow in English

Governing Body Member, Equality and Diversity Officer

Old English, Middle English, Old Norse 

Course Highlights

All English students study Old English in their first year, and Middle English in their second year. We also take field trips to the Ashmolean Museum and some important medieval sites in Oxfordshire. Old Norse is an option from English and Modern Languages: it gives students the opportunity to study Norse mythology and saga literature – the world that inspired C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.


Siân did a degree in English Language and Literature, specialising in the medieval period (course II). She then completed a D.Phil on Old Norse literature and taught at various colleges in Oxford before settling on St Anne’s. She has a particular interest in medieval conversion narratives, saints’ lives, biblical interpretation, saga literature and storytelling. She is involved in outreach to local primary schools through the Viking storytelling project. In her role as Equality and Diversity Officer, she promotes an awareness of neurodiversity within the University.

Selected Publications

Grønlie, S.E., The Missionary Saint and the Saga Hero: Viking Hagiography. The Introduction of Christianity into the Early Medieval Insular World: Converting the Isles I, 457-82 (2016).

Grønlie, S.E., The Saint and the Saga Hero: Hagiography and Early Icelandic Literature (Brewer: Cambridge, 2017)

Grønlie, S.E., Conversion Narrative and Christian Identity: How Christianity came to Iceland. Medium Ævum 86, 123-46 (2017)

Grønlie, S.E., ‘Frá því er guð freistaði Abraham’: Genesis 22 in Old Norse-Icelandic. Sanctity and the Written Word in Medieval Scandinavia, forthcoming (2019)

Grønlie, S.E., ‘Cast out this Bondswoman’: Hagar and Ishmael in Old Norse Icelandic. Arkiv for nordisk filologi, forthcoming