Kapoor, Ishaan

Ishaan Kapoor

DPhil in the BBSRC Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTP

Academic background

BA Cells and Systems Biology, University of Oxford


Second Year Biomedical Science Students

Research interests

Ishaan’s DPhil is trying to understand how neural circuits store information in the form of memory. He is using the genetically tractable model of the fly brain to understand how the neuromodulator octopamine (invertebrate homology of adrenaline) modulates how flies store and retrieve memories. He ultimately wants to understand how certain biological circuit architectures enable nervous systems to efficiently store information

Recent Publications

Shelton, A.M., Oliver, D.K., Grimstvedt, J.S., Lazarte, I.P., Kapoor, I., Swann, J.A., Ashcroft, C.A., Williams, S.A., Conway, N., Robinson, A., Kentros, C.G., Witter, M.P., Butt, S.J.B., Packer, A.M., “Single neurons and networks in the claustrum integrate input from widespread cortical sources” bioRxiv 2022.05.06.490864

Otto, N., Pleijzier, M.W., Morgan, I.C., Edmonson-Stait, A.J., Heinz, K.J., Stark, I., Dempsey, G., Ito, M., Kapoor, I., Hsu, J., Schlegel, P.M., Bates, A.S., Feng, L., Costa, M., Ito, K., Bock, D.D., Rubin, G.M., Jefferis, G.S.X.E., Waddell, S., “Input connectivity reveals additional heterogeneity of dopaminergic reinforcement in DrosophilaCurrent Biology 30, 3200–3211 (2020)