Khalid, Professor Syma

Professor Syma Khalid

Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry


Academic background

Syma graduated with a first class degree in Chemistry from the University of Warwick in 2000. She remained at Warwick to read for a PhD under the supervision of Professor P Mark Rodger. After obtaining her PhD in 2003, she moved to the University of Oxford as a postdoc in Professor Mark Sansom’s lab, to study the structure-function relationship of bacterial membrane proteins. In 2007, she was appointed as RCUK fellow in Chemistry at the University of Southampton, in 2010 was appointed to full lectureship. In 2016 she was promoted to full professor She has ~15 years of experience in the development and application of molecular dynamics simulations to the study of biological molecules. Starting her own group, she noticed the molecular models of bacterial membranes were usually missing key biochemical details (e.g. lipid type, macromolecular crowding) and has worked to address this ever since.

MChem, Warwick Univeristy, 2000

PhD, Warwick University, 2004


She teaches undergraduate and graduate Biochemistry. 

Research interests

Bacterial cell envelopes, membrane proteins, molecular simulations, bacterial cell wall

Recent Publications


Mann D, Fan J, Somboon K, Farrell DP, Muenks A, Tzokov SB, DiMaio F, Khalid S, Miller SI, Bergeron JRC. (2021) Structure and lipid dynamics in the maintenance of lipid asymmetry inner membrane complex of A. baumannii. Commun Biol.

York A, Lloyd AJ, del Genio CI, Shearer J, Hinxman KJ, Fritz K, Fulop V, Khalid S, Dowson C, Roper D. (2021) Structure-based modelling and dynamics of MurM, a Streptococcus pneumoniae penicillin resistance determinant that functions at the cytoplasmic membrane interface. Structure.

Pedebos C, Smith IPS, Boags A, Khalid S. (2021). The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Periplasm: Unexpected Molecular Interactions of Polymyxin B1 in E. coli. Structure.

Gao Y, Lee J, Smith IPS, Lee H, Kim S, Qi Y, Klauda JB, Widmalm G, Khalid S, Im W. (2021) “CHARMM-GUI Supports Hydrogen Mass Repartitioning and Different Protonation States of Phosphates in Lipopolysaccharides”. J Chem Inf Model.

Rattu P, Belzunces B, Haynes T, Skylaris CK, Khalid S. (2021) “Translocation of flexible and tensioned ssDNA through in silico designed hydrophobic nanopores with two constrictions”. Nanoscale.

Lizio MG, Campana M, De Poli M, Jefferies DF, Cullen W, Andrushchenko V, Chmel NP, Bouř P, Khalid S, Clayden J, Blanch E, Rodger A, Webb SJ. (2021) “Insight into mechanism of action and peptide-membrane interactions of Aib-rich peptides: multi-technique experimental and theoretical analysis”. ChemBioChem.