Leigh, Professor Matthew


Matthew Leigh

Hubbard Fellow in Classics, CUF Lecturer, and Professor of Classical Languages and Literature

Member of Governing Body and Council

Greek and Latin Languages and Literature

I studied for my BA and DPhil. at Balliol College, Oxford, and as a visiting student at the University of Pisa. Before returning to Oxford in October 1997, I taught for 4 years at the University of Exeter. I lecture regularly in Europe and the United States. In September 2018 I served as Battle Professor of Classics at the University of Texas. From February to June 2020 I served as Visiting Professor of Classics at Princeton University. I have published on a wide variety of topics including Roman Epic, Roman Comedy, and Ancient Concepts of Curiosity.

Course Highlights

Classics at St Anne’s is boosted by regular meetings of the College Classics Society, which organises social events, lectures, a research symposium, and reading parties to Cornwall. We are regularly joined by Visiting Students from the United States and by Plumer Visiting Fellows from around the world.

Recent publications

The Masons and the Mysteries in 18th Century Drama (Berlin and New York, 2020)

From Polypragmon to Curiosus. Ancient Concepts of Curious and Meddlesome Behaviour (Oxford, 2013)

‘“illa domus, illa mihi sedes” - On the Interpretation of Catullus 68’. In S. P. Oakley and R. L. Hunter eds, Latin Literature and its Transmission. Studies in Honour of Michael Reeve (Cambridge, 2016), 194-224

‘Lucan’s Caesar and Laelius’. In P. Mitsis and I. Ziogas eds., Wordplay and Powerplay in Latin Poetry (Berlin, 2016), 259-272

‘Vergil’s Second Eclogue and the Class Struggle’, Classical Philology 111 (2016), 406-433

‘Nero the Performer’. In S. Bartsch, K. Freudenburg, C. Littlewood eds., The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Nero (Cambridge, 2017), 21-33