Malde, Dr Sneha


Sneha Malde

Associate Professor of Particle Physics and Tutorial Fellow

Academic background

Sneha Malde is an academic in the sub-department of Particle Physics. Her research specialises in searching for new physics phenomena through precision measurements of heavy flavour particles. She is a member of the LHCb (CERN, Switzerland) experiment where her interests are on CP violation and detector calibrations and is the current LHCb-UK physics coordinator. She is also leads the Oxford BESIII (IHEP, China) group where the focus is on charm strong phase measurements.


Undergraduate: Various 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses

Graduate: DPhil Supervision

Research interests

She is particularly interested in high energy physics using data from the LHCb and BESIII experiments. 

Recent Publications

Three publications that showcase recent research are: