Murray, Professor David

david murray

David Murray

Senior Research Fellow

David Murray is a Senior Research Fellow of St Anne’s. Previously, he was Professor of Engineering Science, working in the area of Information Engineering. He researches into  computational vision, with a particular emphasis on using monocular image sequences to recover both the motion of the camera and the 3D structure of its environment. His laboratory’s output was applied to tasks such as teleoperation, autonomous navigation, and augmented reality. Originally a physicist at Oxford and Caltech, he worked in industry for several years before joining St Anne’s in 1989. 

Selected publications

Golodetz, S., Cavallari, T., Lord, N.A., Prisacariu, V.A., Murray, D.W., & Torr, P.H.S. Collaborative Large-Scale Dense 3D Reconstruction with Online Inter-Agent Pose Optimisation IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 24, 2895-2905 (2018)

Frost, D.P., Prisacariu, V.A., & Murray, D.W. Recovering stable scale in monocular SLAM using object-supplemented bundle adjustment IEEE Transactions on Robotics 34, 736-747 (2018)

Ren, C.Y., Prisacariu, V.A., Kaehler, O., Reid, I.D., & Murray, D.W. Real-Time Tracking of Single and Multiple Objects from Depth-Colour Imagery Using 3D Signed Distance Functions International Journal of Computer Vision 124, 80-95 (2017)

Kaehler, O., Prisacariu, V.A., Ren, C.Y., Sun, X., Torr, P.H.S., & Murray, D.W. Very high frame rate volumetric integration of depth images on mobile devices IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 21, 1241-1250 (2015)

Prisacariu, V.A., Kaehler, O., Murray, D.W., & Reid, I.D.
Real-Time 3D Tracking and Reconstruction on Mobile Phones IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 21, 557-570 (2015)

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