Park, Professor Simon


Simon Park

Associate Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Portuguese
Tutorial Fellow


Academic background

BA MSt DPhil (Oxon)


Simon is responsible for students reading Portuguese at St Anne’s, Merton, and Lincoln. He gives lectures and tutorials on various aspects of Portuguese literature in the early modern period, including prelims (paper IV) and FHS courses (papers VII, X, XII, and XIV), and teaches translation classes (Portuguese to English) at all levels.

In Trinity Term 2019, Simon was a Faculty Fellow at the Ashmolean Museum, developing a new course that brings the literature of the discoveries in contact with the material and visual culture of the age.


Simon’s research focuses on literature from across the Portuguese-speaking world in the Early Modern period. He is particularly interested in the Sociology of Literature, Literary History, and History of the Book, and combines digital approaches to texts with philology and close reading.

Simon is also interested in Portuguese Modernism(s) and has recently edited a book on the work of Mário de Sá-Carneiro and is working on a translation of selected poems by Florbela Espanca.

Selected publications


(Forthcoming) Poets, Patronage, and Print in Sixteenth-Century Portugal: From Paper to Gold (Oxford University Press)

Edited books

(edited with Fernando Beleza) Mário de Sá-Carneiro, A Cosmopolitan Modernist (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016)

Peer-reviewed articles

(forthcoming) ‘Marian Demotion: An Engraving of the Virgin and Child in Early Modern China and Problems of Cross-Cutural Translation’, Source: Notes in the History of Art

‘Authorship and Originality in Seventeenth-Cenutry Iberia: Faria e Sousa’s Rimas Várias de Luís de Camoens’, Renaissance Studies, 34.2 (2020), 228–42

‘Diogo Bernardes’s Brandura, MLQ, 78.4 (2017), 465-89


Mário de Sá-Carneiro, ‘Beyond-Boredom & That Other One’, Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies, 1 (2017)

Helena Buescu, ‘Small Holocausts: The Devastation of the Self’, in Stephen Parkinson and Cláudia Pazos Alonso, eds, Reading Literature in Portuguese (Oxford: Legenda, 2013)


Find other publications on Simon’s Faculty webpage.