Porcelli, Professor Don


Don Porcelli

Ferreras Willetts Fellow in Earth Sciences
Associate Professor of Geochemistry

Email: donald.porcelli@earth.ox.ac.uk


I provide lectures and tutorials on early history of the Solar System, basic aqueous chemistry, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, and mathematical methods in Earth Sciences.


My research has been focused on understanding a range of processes in the Earth Sciences using trace element distributions and isotope ratios, both with laboratory measurements and quantitative models. This includes research in:

  • The origin of volatiles in the terrestrial planets and their distribution within the Earth;
  • Weathering, water-rock interaction, and aqueous transport;
  •  The geochemistry of the Arctic Ocean;
  • The geochemistry of the Lena River of eastern Siberia which drains a vast area underlain by permafrost subject to substantial changes during climate warming;
  • The isotopic changes in trace elements due to weathering, water-rock interactions, and microbial processes, as the basis for developing methods for tracing environmental processes;
  • The reconstruction of paleoenvironments in depositional basins.

I am coordinator of the EC Marie Curie Initial Training Network MetTrans (Metal Transport in the Environment).


Porcelli D, 2014. A method for determining the extent of bulk 210Po and 210Pb adsorption in aquifers. Chem. Geol. in press.

Armytage RMG, Jephcoat AP, Bouhifd MA, and Porcelli D, 2013. Metal-silicate partitioning of iodine at high pressures and temperatures: implications for the Earth’s core and 129Xe budgets. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 373, 140-149.

Alling V, Sanchez-Garcia L, Porcelli D, Pugach S, Vonk JE, van Dongen B, Mörth CM, Anderson LG, Sokolov A, Andersson P, Humborg C, Semiletov I, and Gustafsson O, 2010. Nonconservative behavior of dissolved organic carbon across the Laptev and East Siverian Seas. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 24, GB4033.

Porcelli D, Andersson, PS, Baskaran M, Frank M, Bjork G, and Semiletov I, 2009. The distribution of neodymium isotopes in Arctic Ocean basins. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 73, 2645-2659.


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